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RISC OS and Linux Desktops

Saturday 16th September 2006

Category: News

First of all, we have the release of GNOME 2.16. This is accompanied by the release of Foresight Linux 0.9.8, with a 1.0 release expected soon.

Something that piqued my interest was an article on RISC OS, which, until recently, I had always assumed had dropped off the face of the globe. I would say I miss using RISC OS, but there again I don't think I could live with it today.

From the same site, we have the article Why Desktop Linux Will Not Take off, and Why You Don't Want It to. And finally, a post explaining why Debian Etch is not ready for release. Personally, I'm looking forward to this release - the gap between releases has being shortened, and the desktop tightened up. All in all, I think we can expect an excellent release.


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