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News Archive - March 2006

Vista Delayed, Relationships Destroyed

Tuesday 28th March 2006

Category: News

A couple of quick things today. Firstly, the new version of Windows called Vista has been delayed until 2007. Apparently, this is cause for celebration for Novell.

In something a little more light hearted, somebody has claimed "Firefox ruined my relationship" - after this was posted as a bug, there were plenty of interesting replies. And who says open source isn't interesting?

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Kororaa and XGL, Debian and GFDL, Fedora Core 5

Friday 17th March 2006

Category: News

First up is something that plenty of people have been playing with recently: Kororaa, a LiveCD with XGL. In case you haven't heard of it, XGL allows the Linux desktop to use all sorts of fancy effects. You can get the LiveCD from getkororaa.com.

And, another bit of news: Debian has decided on the GFDL - they believe it to be compatible with the DFSG so long as there are no invariant sections. Finally, there's a first look at Fedora Core 5.

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Computing - Quantum and Normal

Friday 10th March 2006

Category: News

Here's an interesting read I found a short while ago: apparently, there is a quantum computer that not only produces results while off, but actually produces better results when off rather than on.

Back in the world of conventional (and, most likely, cheaper!) computing, we have a couple of people's thoughts on two Linux distributions. First up, we have somebody on Linux.com that has some niggles with SUSE 10.0. Next, we have views on a more uncommon distributions - GRML (from Newsforge).

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Website Annoyances: The Results


Sunday 5th March 2006

Categories: Internet, Opinion

A short while ago, I asked you for what annoyed you. After being inundated with literally an e-mail, I collated the result. So, without further ado, here are your top ten annoyances!

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