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News Archive - December 2006

Invitations, GPL Java and Manholes

Monday 11th December 2006

Category: News

First up is the somewhat controversial decision by Mark Shuttleworth to invite openSUSE developers to join Ubuntu in light of the recent Novell-Microsoft agreement. Following this, he has issued an apology (the article is mainly on the original invitation).

Keeping the Novell theme, Linux Format asks whatever happened to Groklaw? after their story Novell forking OpenOffice.org. Incidentally, openSUSE 10.2 has been released, while Debian Etch has been frozen. Although a December release is now somewhat unlikely, Etch should still prove to be an excellent release.

Then we have an interview with Dalibor Topic, the lead Kaffe developer after the news that Java is going under the GPL. There's also an interesting blog post that states Mozilla will be working more closely with Linux distributions, which has the particularly interesting line: I've also talked to Alexander Sack of Debian... about how to make Mozilla upstream be in line with the DFSG and I'm pushing those items back up..

If Tony Blair happens to be in charge of your country, then you might feel the need to start a petition. If you don't fancy the walk down to Downing Street, you can now start a petition online, although, sadly, the inevitable abuse of the system has already begun with petitions such as asking the Prime Minister to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream. This might be an amusing prospect, but that website is not the place to voice those sorts of views.

Finally, if you're feeling unlucky for the the unluckiest man in Britain. He's fallen off horses, been hit by lightning (twice), been in a car crash (thrice), and has now fallen down a manhole.

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Zenwalk 4.0


Monday 11th December 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

It's no secret that I like Zenwalk - the lightweight attitude proves to be a refreshing change from many other distributions. However, thus far, I've been reluctant to recommend Zenwalk to users fairly new to Linux, or those that want things to just work. As the version number shows, Zenwalk has recently undergone some major changes - let's see what effect they have.

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