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News Archive - September 2005

Installing Debian Sarge


Friday 30th September 2005

Categories: Guides, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

Debian is one of the most common Linux distributions in the world. With a possible total of fourteen CDs, it is also one of the biggest. As you may have gathered from the fact that this guide exists, Debian is not the easiest Linux distribution. However, anybody that is relatively competent with computers should be able to use Debian (after all, I am!), and this guide is here to help you get started.

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Update, Ubuntu, KDE 4 and Open Source Mistakes

Wednesday 28th September 2005

Category: News

We start, once again, with an update on my attempt to find an Atom 1.0 Feed Reader with just as much success as before.

Another article on the internet concerns Ubuntu and its relationship with Debian. While I may not agree with everything that has been said the article, it makes for an interesting read, as do the many comments.

Newsforge has published an article about KDE 4. So far, it doesn't look too intriguing, but it is still early days - it is probably at least a year away yet. Finally, there is an article on common open source mistakes.

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Article Update, Free Opera and Computer Security

Tuesday 20th September 2005

Category: News

First of all, some news for this site - I have updated my attempt to find an Atom 1.0 Reader - still no luck.

In the rest of the world, a new version of Opera has been released. Along with a relatively mundane Javascript update, this update removes the advertising banner - perhaps as a result of the interest generated from the recent free giveaway of Opera keys. It could also be a response to Firefox, as it grows in popularity. It's certainly worth a look, especially if you're using Internet Explorer, although I'll be sticking to Firefox.

Finally, there is an article that was published a couple of weeks ago, named The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security. It's a long read, but I think it's worth it.

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Finding An Atom 1.0 Feed Reader


Sunday 18th September 2005

Categories: Internet, Opinion, FLOSS

While writing a guide for writing an Atom 1.0 feed, I found that my test news reader, Straw, couldn't read my Atom feed. At all. Mozilla Firefox could read the feed, but it only reads the title and the link - I wanted to check the many other details, such as the date and author, was working properly. And so began a long search...

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Linux and Vista

Friday 16th September 2005

Category: News

First of all, there is an article on Linux Today discussing what Linux is about. The point is that, to many users, Linux is not a kernel, or a selection of packages - it is just the graphical interface, which, in most cases, turns out to be either KDE or Gnome.

We also have some information about the upcoming version of Windows, Vista. It turns out that we will be spoilt for choice - perhaps too spoilt - with seven different versions. There's the Starter Edition, Home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Small Business Edition, Enterprise Edition and Ultimate Edition. So which version is best the average person who just wants to browse the internet and play some games? Well... er... I have no idea! Don't forget that, on at least some versions, you also have the choice of graphical interface - the 'classic' look, XP look, Aero and Aero Glass. It's going to be fun trying to explain it to other people!

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Updates, Firefox, Gnome and China

Friday 9th September 2005

Category: News

First of all, a few updates to the site. In the guide for setting up Apache, there are now instructions for Apache 2, as well as Apache 1. Also, the guide for writing RSS has been updated with how to convert a MySQL date to the RSS format, via PHP.

In the news, the first beta of Firefox 1.5 has been released. While the individual updates are all relatively small, the automated updates should help Firefox enter the business place and large networks.

Speaking of new software, there is review of Gnome 2.12. Elsewhere, or to be more specific, in China, Linux is gaining ground.

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Writing An RSS Feed


Friday 9th September 2005

Categories: Guides, Internet, Code

As you are probably aware, using feeds is increasingly popular on the internet. Almost any site could have a use for a feed, from the latest news to new articles. When we look at the benefits having a feed has, using a feed becomes very attractive. This article will explain how to create an RSS feed, and put it on your website.

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Gnome 2.12 Released

Wednesday 7th September 2005

Category: News

Earlier today, Gnome 2.12 was released. There are various improvements, both aesthetic and functional. For example, in Nautilus, there is a new way to browse through your files, with files and directories on the same tree. Also in Nautilus, instead of the normal location bar of text, each directory is represented by a box. However, I am not a huge fan of these changes - I'll keep my traditional look for Nautilus for now. (Not that I have much choice...)

Clearlooks has become the main theme for Gnome 2.12 - I myself find this theme simple and effective, and, unlike some other operating systems, doesn't resort to bright colours. There is also a persistant clipboard, meaning you can keep its contents once you quit the application.

Overall, the changes seem very good. Although I am not a fan of the two main Nautilus changes, it is easy enough to change them back. Of course, some people are still lacking Gnome 2.10 - myself included!

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Atom, Trusted Computer Standards and Technology

Sunday 4th September 2005

Category: News

First of all, you may have noticed a new button down the left hand side of the page. This is the new Atom feed, which is an alternative to RSS. To the end user, this is similar to an RSS feed, but, unlike RSS, is controlled by a standards body. As such, use of the Atom feed is prefered. However, the RSS feed is present since there is currently greater support for RSS.

Back to some normal news, Microsoft is reluctant to apply guidelines to Vista. The guidelines were made by the Trusted Computing Group, including Microsoft itself.

Finally, there is an article on the BBC about how technology companies are missing out on parts of the market.

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Linux Graphics, IBM Survey and Linspire

Thursday 1st September 2005

Category: News

Only a few things to mention recently, all of which are related to Linux. The first is an article on the state of Linux graphics.

Next up is a survey from IBM, which states that Linux is cheaper than Windows to deploy and manage. That makes a nice change from the all the Microsoft surveys that bizarrely seem to favour Microsoft all the time.

Last is a piece of news about Linspire, and a free version called Freespire. The man responsible for Freespire took the open source code from Linspire, and then created his own private project. The only problem was the name, which Linspire decided was too similar to their own, resulting in an agreement between the two. It's good to see people getting along!

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