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Website Annoyances

Website Annoyances

Friday 10th February 2006 - Sunday 5th March 2006

Categories: Internet, Opinion

We want you...

The results are in!

After being inundated with an e-mail, the result has been collated. So, what annoys you on the Internet? Find out on the second page.

Over the years, we've seen the Internet move forward at an incredible pace - we now have XHTML, CSS, Flash, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, PHP... along with thousands of downloads that enrich our computing experience. On the other hand, some websites just annoy us, or, worse, make us want to smash our keyboards in frustration. Here's the chance to have a good rant, and complain as much as you want about websites - whether it is Flash, slow speeds or navigation that is the problem.

I want to conduct a small survey just to see what ticks people off about web design, or rather the mistakes that people make. Admittedly, this site isn't perfect, but I'm perfectly willing to take criticism. If you do have anything that particularly rubs you the wrong way, just send a comment or e-mail to us, and, in a couple of weeks, we'll see how you responded.

Please note: this is a survey about web design. That means you can complain about how a website is implemented e.g. poorly chosen colours, but not about the actual content e.g. if you hate gardening websites.

Any and all (sensible!) contributions are welcome... so get venting! Thanks in advance for anything that you send in.