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News Archive - November 2005 - News Post


Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Category: News

We haven't had some news for a while, so there's a few pieces to catch up on. First of all, Firefox 1.5 RC3 has been released - meaning Firefox 1.5 should be getting very close!

Keeping with the browser theme, there appears to be a a rather large hole in Internet Explorer - all you need to do is visit a webpage with the right code, and you could get hit. Microsoft also reached the news (when doesn't it?) by opening its file formats. While I still prefer OpenOffice.org or Gnome Office, I feel this is still a step in the right direction for Office. Of course, using OpenDocument would have been even better!

We finish off with an article all about why governments choose open source. There's plenty in that article to read for a bit, and it is interesting.


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