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The Internet, The UK and Winzip

Monday 18th July 2005

Category: News

The future of the internet, or rather how it is controlled, is currently in debate in the UN. Right now, the US has control of Icann, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, but there are several proposals as to how to change the current system - the BBC has more on this.

A report has stated that the UK could become a 'hi-tech titan' if it played it's cards right. Also, Winzip has been bought up by Vector Capital. As the article states, Winzip has had problems with getting people to go beyond the evaluation and actually buy it. While making the price lower might entice more people to buy it, any price is still more than some of the free alternatives out there. Perhaps a better idea might be to release a free version with unzipping capabilities, but without zipping capabilities. On the one hand, the customers you lose wouldn't be paying anyway, yet this might reduce awareness and general popularity and have the knock-on effect of lower sales.


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