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Linspire 5 - Comments

Saturday 26th November 2005

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by Anonymous, Wednesday 20th September 2006

Linspire (or and linux distro) would only be worth paying for if it's very simple to install *and* simple to use and fix. Everything must work from the start with little problems. And how about paying $20 annually to install more applications? Forget it. I can get that for free with Ubuntu, although with the attendant problems of any free linux OS.

Linux while running in root isn't much more secure than Windows. On Zenwalk (my current distro) I had to use IRC while in root to find answers to fix a problem. In so may words, the OS warned me I was out of my mind for trying to use IRC while in root. That's Windows in a nutshell.

I don't think linuxers should try to really compete with MS. If people wanted a more secure OS that works well and there were very few viruses then they'd probably go use a MAC.

Windows hasn't come up with a version of its OS in 6 years. Since then people didn't go to other OSs, and they probably aren't ever going to.

Linux will thrive even while not being overly popular.

17. Submitted by dj_denis, Sunday 22nd April 2007

i need this root to make up an irc server thanx

18. Submitted by manmath sahu, Friday 7th September 2007

Good review.
But I found PCLinuxOS 2007 is better than Linspirein terms of stability, usability and performance. PCLOS came a victor all the way. Use it to believe it. Visit http://pclinuxos2007.blogspot.com

19. Submitted by edsimon, Thursday 4th October 2007

I agree. I have a dual boot laptop xp is much faster and linspire crashes with the web browser
Ilike the system and was the only one that i could get to easily install on my lalptop as a dual boot.

2cents worth