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HTML5; ext4; Cute cats

Saturday 26th January 2008

Category: News

Firstly, something that is of interest to many web developers: the first working draft for differences between HTML4 and 5. To help people understand HTML, the W3C have also handily explained how to describe cats as cute.

Elsewhere, there are plans to merge ext4, the improvement to the filesystem ext3, into Linux 2.6.25. ext4 brings plenty of benefits to the table, although online defragmentation isn't quite ready yet.

Another trip down memory lane at El Reg, this time taking a look at the Commodore SX-64, a quarter of a century old and still with nearly as many features as the Macbook Air.

Back to the present, and Jason Clinton finds Call of Duty 4 too real - I've often wondered whether the graphics of these games getting realistic would ever actually be detrimental - now we know.

Finally, if you have a "friendly posterior", you might like to apply as a Healthcare Informaticist.


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