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Red Hat's New CEO; Firefox 3; Spacial PulseAudio

Saturday 5th January 2008

Category: News

Firstly, following the news that Red Hat has a new CEO (a choice that, naturally, hasn't pleased everyone), CNET gets to interview the man himself, Jim Whitehurst. Of course, actions speak louder than words, so we'll have to wait and see what impact he'll have on the company.

Next up is a new blog called Open Source Fact Check. Its name is fairly self-explanatory - it aims to dissect some of the more salacious "news" you will see in various places, and actually look at the facts behind it - do a bit of research, see what the situation really is..

Of course, highly anticipated by some is the release of Firefox 3. Some have claimed recently that Mozilla is forgetting its GNU/Linux users - naturally, Mozilla claim otherwise. Of note is the fact that Firefox now fits in with the GTK theme better (after what I saw as a bit of a backwards step in Firefox 2), and even uses some of the GTK icons. It is also supposedly faster than before, which would be a welcome surprise - Gecko isn't exactly slow, but its not blindingly faster either.

Matt Palmer ponders over cowboys in IT, but unfortunately sees no easy solution. He's also talked about strategists and tacticians, while others have described it as wide vs deep. However you describe it, they both explore the fact that some are better suited to taking a broad view, while others go into great detail on a single project, and what happens if that's not recognised.

Finally, following on from the news that Fedora 8 now has PulseAudio to control the sounds coming out of your speakers, there's a suggestion of spatial PulseAudio in order to best use multiple speakers, especially with accessibility.


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