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News Archive - July 2007 - News Post

BBC iPlayer; Mozilla Thunderbird; ATi Drivers; The F in FOSS

Thursday 26th July 2007

Category: News

First up is the news that the BBC Trust met with the Open Source Consortium over iPlayer, which currently only works on Windows XP. Whether any comes of it still remains to be seen, although I'll keep my fingers crossed.

There's also the perhaps unsurprising news that Mozilla Thunderbird is flying the nest and finding a new home, leaving the Mozilla Corporation with just Firefox.

Now that Dell has started selling computers with GNU/Linux installed, Dell Wants Better ATi Linux Drivers. I could tempt fate by saying that the reports of Linux on the desktop reaching critical mass are finally coming true...

Finally, Eben Moglen had a pleasant chat with Tom O'Reilly about putting the F back in FOSS.


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