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Launchpad, Linspire, Dunc-Tank, and ROX

Friday 9th February 2007

Category: News

Firstly, a blog post about Why Launchpad isn't taking off just yet. Although I quite like Ubuntu, the fact that Launchpad is not open source is somewhat disappointing, and is probably stopping some of the problems being fixed by hackers. Speaking of Ubuntu, Linspire have decided to switch to Ubuntu. It's not the first either - MEPIS did so a little while back.

Next up is an interview with Anthony Towns, the current Debian Project Leader, about whether Dunc-Tank was a success or failure. On the topic of Debian, Steve Langasek, one of Debian's Release Managers, has commented on the release date of Debian Etch.

Klaus Knopper, known by many as the creator of Knoppix, has stated proprietary software will kill PC in 30 years.

Finally, an article on the ROX Desktop, while brings back fond memories of RISC OS for me. Worth a look if you fancy a change from the usual desktop environments.


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