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Smart, Skype and Laws

Saturday 15th July 2006

Category: News

Smart Package Manager is an application designed to handle package management (who could have guessed!) from the commmand line right up to full blown GUI, capable of using Debian packages and RPMs. There's a general article on Smart on Linux.com, while Beranger takes a slightly more critical look. Personally, I believe that Apt and Synaptic work perfectly, and that it is a good thing Apt doesn't try and solve all the dependency problems - in those situations, where there is a problem, it is not a case of Apt being broken - it's the dependencies themselves causing problems, which I would like to solve. Still, I've yet to try Smart, so I can't comment on its strengths.

Moving on, there's a major new version of Skype for Linux out. In France, the "Worse copyright law in Europe" has been passed. Finally, there's an article about WGA - Windows Genuine Disadvantage.


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