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GPL, Zend and WGA

Saturday 1st July 2006

Category: News

First of all, news that might be especially interesting to users of small distributions, as well as MEPIS: any GPL code must have the source code supplied, even if the sources are available elsewhere. This won't affect large distributions, such as Debian, but the many smaller distributions may need to start uploading their source code.

Another article is Why Linux Has Failed Beginners, while IBM brings an article about the Zend Framework.

Microsoft, as ever, are a part of the news. The big story right now seems to be the possibility of Microsoft using WGA to disable pirated copies of Windows. It might sound a fair way to fight pirates, but don't forget that there are still many people that have their copy of Windows incorrectly indentified as pirated. Microsoft are also being sued for spyware laws. And finally, we have the news of Office 2007 being delayed again.


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