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News Archive - June 2006 - News Post

Leaders, Ubuntu and Opera

Saturday 24th June 2006

Category: News

A few articles on the leaders of two closely linked distributions, Debian and Ubuntu. Firstly, there's an interview with the DPL, Anthony Towns, while there is a somewhat critical article about Mark Shuttleworth.

Keeping with Ubuntu, we can see the plans for Edgy Eft, the next release of Ubuntu. It should be kept in mind that this release should contain lots of fun new things, instead of the long term support of Dapper. Also with open source is the article Gartner: Open source on Windows is the future.

Finally, the relatively popular browser Opera has just released its latest version - Opera 9. This brings along various features, such as widgets (they seem to be applets to me), and a BitTorrent client.


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