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News Archive - January 2006 - News Post

Thunderbird, GPL3, Linux, etc.

Thursday 12th January 2006

Category: News

We kick off this time with the release of Thunderbird 1.5, coming a few weeks after its friend Firefox. Personally, I'm keeping an eye on Seamonkey instead...

There's also the imminent first draft of GPL3, no doubt sure to set people across the internet talking. Onto Linux specifically, SCO is still apparently waging war against Novell.

Finally, two slight more Windows orientated articles. First of all, there is an article about switching to Windows from Linux, although the author doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. There's also a new program from Google called Google Pack, first announced on the Google Blog. Although some are already praising it, perhaps it might getting so much attention and plaudits simply because it has the word Google on it. Also, with packages such as Apt and whatever voodoo magic Fedora Core et al use, don't most Linux users have something like this anyway i.e. something to easily manage programs? Useful(ish) for Windows users, perhaps, but not really for those already on Linux.


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