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Friday 6th January 2006

Category: News

It's a new year, so: Happy New Year! No doubt others are already predicting the future. I'd say: new releases of GNOME, KDE and friends, new releases of Linux distributions, Linux Tovalds saying something controversial on a mailing list, and something stupid being sold on eBay. Beyond that, I have no idea! (Let's just hope that Debian Etch releases on time).

Speaking of Etch, at the moment, it is planned to release for eight architectures, and also mentions the hopeful release date of December 2006. Although some people don't like the long release cycle, it does make Debian so stable. If you can't wait that long, you can always download a CD set from testing, so you have a 'snapshot' of testing if you want consistant packages. There's also Mark Shuttleworth talking about the DCC.

That brings us nicely to Ubuntu. The Inquirer reviews Ubuntu for AMD64, and isn't all that positive about it. Another review states it is "good, but not good enough".

I mentioned Linux Tovalds on mailing lists earlier, and the effect of his comments on GNOME and KDE are still going on according to ZDNet. There's also an article about somebody who's got rid of Windows and used Linux for a year.

More on the internet side of things, browser developers met up and had a chat about security. Hopefully, consistancy across browsers and cooperation can help protect users. Who knows how else they might work together in the future, but this is a step in the right direction.


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