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Why do elephants have flat feet? To stamp out burning ducks.

News Archive - December 2005 - News Post

HTML, OpenOffice.org and Firefox

Tuesday 13th December 2005

Category: News

The biggest piece of news recently is the explosions and fire at Buncefield Oil Depot - it is truly remarkable that nobody has been killed. Let's just hope that the damage to the surrounding area is as small as possible.

Back to some more normal topics, there is an article about the future of HTML. It makes for interesting reading, but HTML (and other standards, such as CSS) can never move forward if it is not supported - there is a myriad of CSS features that are not implemented in many browsers yet.

From the Guardian is an article on OpenOffice.org and its bugs. Personally, I've found using both OpenOffice 1 and 2 to be just as easy to use as Microsoft Office, without the hefty price tag. When I want something that isn't bloated, I normally turn to Gnome Office, Abiword in particular.

Finally, something on Firefox (hardly surprising... of all the news posts on the front page right now, only one doesn't mention Firefox), specifically, Firefox's safety. Personally, while I feel that Firefox is safer than Internet Explorer, there is no replacement for some common sense and learning a little about how to protect yourself and your computer.


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