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News Archive - October 2005 - News Post

DCC Alliance, OpenOffice.org and Quake

Friday 21st October 2005

Category: News

Some unhappy news first - namely, a dispute between Debian the DCC Alliance. The dispute is over the DCC Alliance using Debian in their name, as well as the use of the Debian logo. While the DCC Alliance has changed its name accordingly, they still maintain that the use of the logo is permitted. Ian Murdock, founder of Debian, added his words. I think that Debian is losing focus slightly here - I believe the DCC Alliance can only be a good thing for Debian, so they should be working together - I would much rather see a stable Etch rather than a different logo!

In some happier news, the delayed OpenOffice.org 2 has finally been released, including support for the OpenDocument format.

Finally, if you own a copy of Quake 4, you can now install it on Linux. The more games on Linux, the better!


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