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News Archive - October 2005 - News Post

SUSE, Mandriva and FAT Patents

Sunday 9th October 2005

Category: News

First of all, we have a couple of new Linux releases. SUSE 10.0 has two different versions: a free version along with a not-so-free version. It is certainly something that I hope to take a look at at some point in the future. We also have Mandriva 2006, which is only for paying club members. Having tried Mandrake/Mandriva before (without being overly impressed), I'm not too keen to try this version.

The other piece of news is the rejection of Microsoft's FAT patent. Clearly this good news, considering FAT's widespread use, including in the Linux kernel. Of course, as an earlier article linked to points out, the patent is most useful as a threat. Either way, it is a good thing rather than a bad thing.


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