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News Archive - October 2005 - News Post

Bananas, Shuttleworth on Ubuntu, Linus On Specs, GIMP and Quake

Wednesday 5th October 2005

Category: News

As you may have noticed, there is a rather curious topic that we come across first: bananas.

Now that I've alienated 99% of my readers, lets move onto some normal news. First of all, we have Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu. Whatever your take on Ubuntu, it is probably worth a read.

We also have Linus on specifications. Naturally, his comment "a spec is close to useless" (a slightly shortened version!) caused a great deal of talk among the online community. It has been discussed on several websites, such as here and kerneltrap.org.

Finally, a short bit of news from Newsforge about the next version of GIMP, GIMP 2.4, as well as the good news that Quake IV should be coming to Linux. It is always good to hear that companies are supporting Linux, rather than just Windows.


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