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Gnome 2.12 Released

Wednesday 7th September 2005

Category: News

Earlier today, Gnome 2.12 was released. There are various improvements, both aesthetic and functional. For example, in Nautilus, there is a new way to browse through your files, with files and directories on the same tree. Also in Nautilus, instead of the normal location bar of text, each directory is represented by a box. However, I am not a huge fan of these changes - I'll keep my traditional look for Nautilus for now. (Not that I have much choice...)

Clearlooks has become the main theme for Gnome 2.12 - I myself find this theme simple and effective, and, unlike some other operating systems, doesn't resort to bright colours. There is also a persistant clipboard, meaning you can keep its contents once you quit the application.

Overall, the changes seem very good. Although I am not a fan of the two main Nautilus changes, it is easy enough to change them back. Of course, some people are still lacking Gnome 2.10 - myself included!


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