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Saturday 6th August 2005

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There's been a fair bit of news in the past couple of days. We've already heard about the first Vista virus, but there are still problems for older versions of Windows. There is reportedly a flaw in Windows 2000 that could be exploited by a worm. Not only is there no way to correct or disable this flaw (other using something besides Windows), but the exploit may not just be limited to 2000 - as has happened with other viruses such as Blaster, the exploit may exist in other versions, such as XP.

On the Linux side of things, there are serveral things to report. The first is an article from Newsforge discussing meaning of Linux. There is also a review on of Slax 5.0.6. Finally, the Debian Common Core Alliance is soon to be announced at LinuxWorld in San Francisco.

There is also an article on the BBC about the trade of items for real money in MMORPGs. This is big business for many people, yet is forbidden by many of the games.


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