Program /n./ A magic spell cast over a computer allowing it to turn one's input into error messages.

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Mozilla Corporation, PHP, Perl and Python, Vista Virus and Paper Fingerprints

Thursday 4th August 2005

Category: News

The Mozilla Foundation has created its own subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Since it is owned wholly by the Mozilla Foundation, the focus, and end results, should remain much the same.

Keeping with free software, the three Ps of scripting, PHP, Perl and Python, are reported to be falling in popularity. Ironically, this comes at the time when companies such as Intel are starting to put their weight behind the projects.

Moving onto Microsoft, and more specifically the next version of Windows, somebody has already created a virus for Vista. In security, the natural pattern of paper could be used as a defence against fraud, using the unique, virtually unreproducable minute variations in the paper. Somewhat usefully, since the pattern is natural, it means no extra cost in production.


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