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Memtest86+, Open Source and Intel

Tuesday 28th June 2005

Category: News

Memtest86+ has been updated, with support for the various new processors, such as the Pentium D, dual cores, and 90nm AMD cores. If you don't have Memtest yet, you really should - you stick it on a floppy (or a CD), let your computer boot from it, and it will go and check your RAM. It is easily one of the most useful tools for testing and troubleshooting.

Elsewhere, Norway has decided that it prefers Open Source to alternatives that use proprietary formats. To me, this is good news, and not just because it means Open Source is being used more. It means that governments should be able to communicate more cheaply, and more efficiently. There is also some debate in Ukraine about Open Source.

While on the topic of Open Source, Sun are going to be making Java open source - obviously good news for programmers.

Outside of the software world, Intel gets a good telling off from AMD. The claim is that Intel has been exploiting its market position and using illegal business practices. Again.


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