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Wednesday 22nd June 2005

Category: News

A couple of interesting articles about the Debian (the Linux distribution of my choice) from Newsforge. The first looks behind at the legacy of Debian, while the other looks to the future to see how Debian should proceed.

There's also the Debian Newsletter itself, including upgrade paths from Woody to Sarge, and a wish list for the next version of Debian, codenamed Etch (in case you didn't realise, all the releases are named after characters in Toy Story).

There's also another article on The Register saying that 10% of sites still don't work properly with any browsers than Internet Explorer, including, unsurprisingly, the Odeon site. The interesting thing here is that these companies are losing potential customers - some don't want to use Internet Explorer, while others can't use Internet Explorer if they're on Linux or another operating system - despite the fact that the number of people using alternatives, such as Mozilla Firefox or something on Linux, is growing every day.


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