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Why I Love Internet Explorer

Saturday 1st April 2006

This article has been written by a special, guest writer - Mr. Drew Peacock. Drew works as a freelance writer, as well as holding various other jobs, including plumbing. Here are his views on, unsurprising, Internet Explorer.

Different people love Internet Explorer for different reasons. Some like the fact that it allows you to install all sorts of fascinating software. Some like its stability. Some like the innovative interface. In fact, these are brilliant reasons to love what is surely one of the most inspired computing triumphs of the past twenty years.

The sheer range of programs I now have installed is incredible. All I need to do is type some random phrases into Google, choose some appropriate sites, and within minutes I'll have some of the most varied pieces of code around. Now, that's simply unbeatable - it's free, and I only have to visit a single site to get programs installed automatically - the process is so smooth, you don't even notice.

Another great part of Internet Explorer is the way in which you're never quite sure what is going to happen next. Always be prepared with Internet Explorer! Who knows what exciting, thrilling action it could take next?

What's more, if the latest figures are right, over 90% of the public are using Internet Explorer. Surely of all those millions of people can't be wrong? Yes, there are upstarts such as Firefox and Opera, but these are all clearly inferior - they don't let you install the wide range of software Internet Explorer does, and get rid of some of its best assets. For example, they have the arrogance to block popups! First of all, most people enjoy popups - what could be better than a flashing advertisement, showing off all the latest and greatest deals? Secondly, what right does a browser have to decide where you go on the Internet - it is your choice if you want to visit some of the interesting, exotic sites that pop up.

Even some companies agree that Internet Explorer is the only option - they only let you browse their sites using this marvellous piece of technology. Quite frankly, if you're not using Internet Explorer, you shouldn't really be let out onto the Internet anyway!

Of course, this is a slightly biased article - but who could argue against the browser than won the browser wars. What other piece of software do you know of that won an actual war? Earlier on its life, Internet Explorer was one of the first browsers to support CSS and the new version of HTML - and it continues the same support of HTML and CSS. Use any of Internet Explorer's minor competitors, such as Firefox, Mozilla/Seamonkey, or Opera, and you will see just how far ahead Microsoft now are - whether in terms of user interface or web page rendering.

Naturally, this article has yet to touch on the sheer genius of the people behind Internet Explorer: Microsoft. To say they were heroes is not enough - I would call them-

That's enough of that. Ed.