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Open Source Alliance, Linus on GNOME and RPM

Monday 19th February 2007

Category: News

First up is the announcement of the new Open Source Alliance, with founders apparently including Adaptive Planning, Centric CRM, CollabNet, EnterpriseDB, Hyperic, JasperSoft, Openbravo, SourceForge.net, SpikeSource and Talend. As ever, it remains to be seen just how much of an impact it will have. Speaking of open source, the question has been posed Can Open Source Apps Find Strength in Numbers?

Next up is a somewhat old topic. Some time ago, Linus Torvalds made some comments on GNOME that weren't exactly favourable to GNOME. Linus Torvalds has now responded with some patches, which hopefully will get looked over properly.

Finally, the news that RPM is finally moving on again thanks to a revamped rpm.org.


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