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News Archive - December 2005 - News Post

Seamonkey, X.Org, Google Analytics and Microsoft

Friday 23rd December 2005

Category: News

Seamonkey 1.0 is due for release in January, but until then, there is the beta instead. Seamonkey is effectively the continuation of the Mozilla Application Suite, but being developed by the community rather than Mozilla itself. Despite being a beta, it is extremely stable, at least on my system! Another release was that of X.Org X11R7.0 and X11R6.9.

There was an article in the Jem Report about Google Analytics, stating that it may be Google's first mistake. Some people like this service, some don't - we shall see how successful it becomes, although they have already stopped new sign ups due to popularity.

Finally, a couple of things concerning Microsoft. First of all, it seems Microsoft may be soon be fined daily if they don't comply with the European Commision. Also, Internet Explorer 7 has adopted the RSS logo from Firefox, which should help create a more consistant and recognisable icon for feeds.


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